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2024 Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme: Apply Online, Application Deadline

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA), responsible for the structured development of the city, operates within the Gautam Buddha Nagar district in Uttar Pradesh. GNIDA manages various residential and commercial projects, enhancing the area with diverse amenities and infrastructure. It also provides numerous opportunities to acquire commercial, residential, and apartment properties through its schemes. To facilitate this, the authority often conducts online auctions for interested applicants.

Many investors looking for property possibilities in the area are interested in the numerous initiatives launched by the GNIDA. Read the article below to learn more about the Greater Noida Plot Scheme 2024.

Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme 2024

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) was established in January 1991 under the UP Industrial Area Development Act of 1976 to oversee the planning, management, and development of Greater Noida. It has been actively working towards developing the city with a focus on connectivity, commercial and industrial infrastructure, and housing options for residents. Often considered an extension of Greater Noida, Noida also falls under its jurisdiction. The GNIDA’s announcement of land proposals for Greater Noida has attracted significant interest from investors. The official GNIDA website is the primary source for all information related to its schemes. Below are the most recent GNIDA plot schemes for 2024.

Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme Details in Highlights

Here’s the structured table for the Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme details:

Name of the SchemeGreater Noida Authority Housing Scheme
Launched byGNIDA
Number of Residential Plots Available166
Location/Greater Noida SectorsSector- 2 (Blocks- F and B), Chi- 3 (Blocks- A and E), Phi- 3 (Block- D), Delta- 2 (Blocks- J and K), Delta- 3 (Block- O), Sigma- 1 (Blocks- A and B), Sigma- 2 (Block- C)
ObjectiveTo oversee the planning, management, and development of Greater Noida
Official Websitewww.greaternoidaauthority.in

Objectives of Scheme

The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has played a vital role in fostering the development of Greater Noida by facilitating residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional opportunities. Through regular publication of plot plans and active organization of e-auctions for selected candidates, the authority actively contributes to the region’s growth and progress.

Allocation of multi-story apartments and built-up houses

The Greater Noida Authority is currently accepting applications for the allocation of independent houses (Scheme Code: BHS-18/LOH-02) and multi-story apartments (Scheme Code: BHS-17/LOF-04) located in Greater Noida. The properties will be distributed on an “as is, where is” basis. The program initially started on July 10, 2023, but prospective buyers are invited to apply between July 17 and August 31, 2023. The independent houses are located in Sectors Xu 2 and Xu 3 of Greater Noida. Additionally, there are several multi-story or four-story apartments available across various sectors in Greater Noida.

Scheme codeProperty typeSectorNumber of unitsCost of unitRegistration amount
Scheme Code: BHS-18/LOH-02Independent houseXu 2 and Xu 377Rs 73.41 lakhRs 7.5 lakh
Scheme Code: BHS-17/LOF-042 BHKOmicron 1A521Rs 36.6 lakhRs 3.6 lakh
2 BHK (Deluxe)Omicron 1471Rs 55.09 lakhRs 5.5 lakh
2 BHK (Deluxe)Omicron 1A18Rs 49.49 lakhRs 5 lakh
3 BHK1275Rs 83.85 lakhRs 8.4 lakh
1 BHK (Furnished)12221Rs 28.38Rs 2.8 lakh
1 BHKMu 281Rs 10.17-12.55 lakhRs 1.1-1.3 lakh
1 BHKXu 352Rs 15.98-24.2 lakhRs 1.6-2.4 lakh
2 BHKEta 217Rs 43.62-63.43 lakhRs 4.4-6.4 lakh
3 BHKOmicron 139Rs 52.22-79.83 lakhRs 5.2-8 lak

Documents Required to Apply

When applying for the housing program, applicants should have the following documents ready:

  • A scanned passport-size photo, no larger than 100×100 pixels.
  • A scanned copy of the affidavit in the format specified on the portal.
  • Documents verifying the applicant’s address, age, nationality, and identity.

Eligibility Criteria for Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme:

  • Any Indian citizen aged 18 or older can apply for one or more plots by downloading the application form from the website.
  • Separate applications must be submitted for each plot if multiple plots are requested.
  • Proof of identity, such as a PAN Card, driver’s license, passport, or Aadhar Card, is required if the application is made on behalf of another person.
  • Applicants from the reserved category (villagers of Greater Noida) need to provide a genuine certified copy or other proof of land purchased from GNIDA.
  • The applicant, their spouse, or dependent children must not already own a plot, flat, or independent house allocated by the Greater Noida Authority under the Greater Noida Residential Plot Scheme 2024. The applicant’s spouse and dependent children are considered a single unit for this scheme.

Application Process for Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme 2024

Here’s a rephrased version of the application process for the Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme:

To apply for the housing program, follow the steps outlined below to submit an online application:

  1. Visit the official GNIDA website by clicking on this link: https://www.greaternoidaauthority.in/
  2. Under the Greater Noida Authority Housing Scheme, select “Applicant category and payment plan”. This will guide you to different housing options specific to sectors and areas after you have chosen a payment plan.
  3. Choose the desired plot or unit from the options available in the selected sector.
  4. Once a plot or unit is selected, the registration fee will be calculated based on your choice.
  5. Provide necessary applicant details such as identification documents, photographs, and bank details after selecting a suitable housing option.
  6. Confirm the accuracy of the information related to the chosen housing plan before finalizing the submission. Verify all details and submit the form.
  7. Upon submission, the system will generate an application registration number, which should be noted for future reference.
  8. Complete the submission by uploading the application form and undertaking online.
  9. Finally, pay the non-refundable processing fee and the adjustable registration fee using the online payment gateway.

Bidding Process for Scheme

The Authority advises all applicants to ensure a stable internet connection as the e-auction process relies entirely on internet accessibility.
The bidding for plots of identical size and EMD will likely take place on the same day.
The Authority will not entertain bids lower than the reserve price or the allotment rate.
For the Greater Noida Shop/Kiosk Plot Scheme 2024, if the plot is located within a kilometer of the metro route, the reserve price or allotment rate will be increased by 10%.
In case the auction continues until the final five minutes before the event’s closing time, an additional 15 minutes may be added to the bidding period.
Once submitted, a bid cannot be withdrawn by the applicant.
If there are fewer than three bidders for a plot, the bidding period will be extended twice for seven days each. After the two extensions, the land will be offered to the highest bidder.

The Allocation Procedure

  • The Authority will dispatch allotment notifications to successful applicants within 30 days following the e-auction.
  • Under the shop/kiosk plot scheme, the deadline for payment is set at 90 days from the allotment letter’s issuance, while for the residential scheme, the full plot price must be settled within 60 days.
  • Failure to meet the payment deadlines may lead to the cancellation of the bid and the forfeiture of the EMD by the Authority.


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