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Telangana Traffic Challan: Avail up to 90% Discount, Make Online Payment for TS e Challan

Telangana Traffic Challan: Substantial savings on pending traffic fines are now available under the new Telangana government initiative. Individuals with unpaid challans for their vehicles can settle them in full with a single payment from December 26 to January 10. The program includes an 80% discount on two- and three-wheeler vehicles and a 90% discount on buses operated by the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC). Additionally, there will be a 60% reduction on challans issued for heavy motor vehicles, including trucks, and light motor vehicles, such as cars.

Telangana Traffic Challan 2024

The Telangana government has introduced a scheme enabling residents to clear pending challans for a fraction of their initial amount. Reportedly, the state currently has around two crore unresolved traffic challans. Earlier this year, Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, disclosed to Parliament that in 2022, more than 4.73 million challans amounting to ₹7,563.60 crore were issued across India. Of this, ₹2,874.41 crore had been collected, leaving ₹4,654.26 crore as outstanding dues.

TS Traffic Challan Discount Details in Highlights

NameStateLast Date for PaymentStarting Date for PaymentMode of PaymentOfficial Website
Telangana Traffic ChallanTelangana10 January 202326 December 2024Onlinehttps://echallan.tspolice.gov.in/publicview/

Benefits of Telangana Traffic Challan

As a component of the program, an 80% discount will be offered on two- and three-wheeler vehicles, while buses managed by the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) will be eligible for a 90% discount.

E-challan Pendency

Telangana State in Hyderabad has experienced a significant increase in outstanding e-challans in recent years. Many vehicle owners, particularly those with two- and three-wheelers, have faced challenges in paying their e-challans due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The issuance of numerous traffic challans, employing both contact and non-contact enforcement methods simultaneously, has resulted in a substantial backlog that poses a considerable challenge to address.

The accumulated fines for many vehicles, including two- and three-wheelers, have surpassed the vehicle’s purchase price, making it difficult for owners to settle the overdue amounts. To tackle this issue, it is recommended to implement specific criteria aimed at resolving the extensive backlog of traffic e-challans. Additionally, there is a proposal to reduce the outstanding fines for users of wheelchairs.

Telangana Traffic Challan Discount Rate List

Sure, here is the information presented in a table:

Vehicle TypeFineWaiver
2 & 3 wheeler vehicle20% Fine80% Waiver
RTC Vehicle10% Fine90% Waiver
Push Carts10% Fine90% Waiver
4 & Heavy wheeler vehicle40% Fine60% Waiver

Important Dates

The period of availability for the one-time settlement plan is December 26 through January 10.

Features of Telangana Traffic Challan

The Telangana government has issued a notification allowing residents to clear pending traffic challans at a significantly reduced cost. The government has introduced a program offering substantial reductions, ranging from 60% to 90%, on the original fines for traffic violations. As part of this initiative, individuals can benefit from a significant reduction, specifically in the range of 60–90% of the total traffic ticket amount. Despite initial concerns raised by some users on social media platforms, the government swiftly addressed the issue by releasing a government order (GO) to clarify any uncertainties.

Process of Paying the Telangana Traffic Challan Online

n order to see any outstanding challans against your vehicles, car owners must follow the steps below:

Process of Paying the Telangana Traffic Challan
  • Check for your challan amount.
  • Pay your discounted payment here.

Note: The percentage of challans is separated based on the kind of vehicle. TSRTC buses and push carts are required to pay 10% of the challan cost, with a 90% waiver. In the meanwhile, two and three-wheelers must pay 20% of the entire amount due on the challan, with an 80% waiver



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