Top 10 Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Apps by Fintech Companies: Empowering Indian Consumers



In recent years, the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) trend has taken the financial world by storm, providing consumers with a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional credit. Several fintech companies have embraced this revolution, offering innovative BNPL apps that cater to the diverse needs of the country’s burgeoning consumer base. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 BNPL apps developed by Indian fintech companies, shedding light on their features, benefits, and the impact they are making in the Indian financial landscape.


ZestMoney stands out as one of the pioneers in the Indian BNPL space. The app allows users to make purchases on various online platforms and pay for them later in easy installments. With a simple sign-up process and minimal documentation, ZestMoney has become a go-to choice for many Indian consumers. The app partners with numerous e-commerce platforms, making it versatile and accessible for a wide range of shopping needs.


LazyPay, a product of PayU India, has gained popularity for its seamless integration with a plethora of online and offline merchants. Users can enjoy the flexibility of paying for their purchases in installments, reducing the burden of lump-sum payments. LazyPay also offers a unique ‘LazyPay Credit’ feature, allowing users to maintain a credit limit for frequent transactions.


Slice has redefined the credit card experience with its modern approach to BNPL services. Catering to millennials and young professionals, Slice provides a physical card as well as a feature-rich app for managing expenses. With no hidden fees and transparent terms, Slice has become a trusted companion for those looking to manage their finances responsibly.


Simpl focuses on simplifying the payment process for users by providing a one-tap checkout option. The app analyzes the user’s creditworthiness based on their transaction history and offers instant credit for eligible purchases. With its user-friendly interface and partnerships with numerous merchants, Simpl is making waves in the BNPL sector.


Cashfree, primarily known for its payment gateway solutions, has entered the BNPL space with its app. The app offers users the option to split their payments into easy installments, enhancing the affordability of high-value purchases. Cashfree’s integration with various online and offline merchants ensures that users can avail BNPL services across a wide range of transactions.


Kissht, powered by Onemi Technology Solutions, is a comprehensive BNPL app that caters to both online and offline purchases. With a user-friendly interface, Kissht enables users to explore a catalog of products available on credit. The app also offers personal loans, adding an extra layer of financial flexibility for its users.


While EarlySalary is primarily known for its salary advance services, the app has ventured into the BNPL space. Users can make purchases and repay the amount in easy installments. EarlySalary’s integration with salary-related services provides users with a holistic financial platform, making it a convenient choice for working professionals.


Acquired by PayU, PaySense offers a comprehensive financial platform, including BNPL services. The app analyzes the user’s creditworthiness based on various parameters and provides credit limits accordingly. With a range of repayment options and a growing network of partner merchants, PaySense is gaining traction among Indian consumers.


FlexSalary caters to the immediate financial needs of users by offering instant salary advances and BNPL services. The app’s unique ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ feature allows users to make purchases and repay the amount over flexible tenure. With quick approval processes and minimal documentation, FlexSalary is addressing the short-term financial requirements of many Indians.

Amazon Pay Later

Amazon, one of the leading e-commerce giants, has also entered the BNPL arena with Amazon Pay Later. This service allows users to make purchases on the Amazon platform and pay for them later in easy installments. With the trust associated with the Amazon brand and the convenience of integration with the existing Amazon Pay wallet, Amazon Pay Later has quickly gained popularity among online shoppers.


The rise of BNPL apps in India signifies a paradigm shift in the way consumers approach credit and payments. The flexibility, transparency, and accessibility offered by these apps empower users to make purchases without the burden of immediate payment. As the Indian fintech landscape continues to evolve, these BNPL apps are likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of consumer finance. Whether you’re a savvy shopper or someone looking for financial flexibility, exploring these top 10 BNPL apps can open up a world of convenient and affordable possibilities. Embrace the future of finance with these innovative solutions, and experience a new era of financial freedom.

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