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Why WhatsApp blocked my number? (and how to fix it)

WhatsApp stands out as a leading free internet messaging application globally, boasting over 1 billion daily users for both personal and business communication. Its widespread popularity has led to the implementation of various controls to safeguard against spam and malware. If your WhatsApp number has been blocked, it is likely due to activities that violated their policies or terms of service.

WhatsApp typically imposes bans on users for violations of their terms and conditions. However, there may be other reasons for such actions. If your number has been blocked by WhatsApp, it is crucial to determine the specific reason for the block.

Why WhatsApp blocked your number?

There are several reasons why WhatsApp may have banned you. Let’s take a look at some of the potential reasons:

1) Using modified WhatsApp applications

Many Android users opt for WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, which are modified versions of WhatsApp. Although these mods offer additional features like extensive customization, downloading images at the original quality, and sending large files, WhatsApp discourages users from using them. If WhatsApp detects that you are using one of these modified apps, they may impose a ban, leading to your WhatsApp number being blocked.

2) Getting blocked by a large number of users

WhatsApp may also impose a ban on your usage of their app if you have been blocked by a significant number of users. Users have the freedom to report or block others, and if a large number of people take such actions against you, it can lead to a ban. Your behavior, attitude, and the content you share can influence others to block you. Sending harmful files and viruses can escalate the situation and result in a swift ban if many users choose to block you.

This preventive measure is effective in deterring spammers, scammers, and hackers. However, failure to comply with the rules may place you on the receiving end of this policy as well.

3) Sending a lot of messages to users who don’t have you as a contact

If you send a large volume of messages to users who don’t have you in their contacts, it can be swiftly identified as spam. In such cases, users have the option to report you, leading to the possibility of your WhatsApp number being blocked.

4) Sending harmful files, viruses, or malware

WhatsApp strictly forbids users from sending anything that can be identified as a virus or malware. Therefore, if you’re sending files that could be flagged as potentially harmful software, WhatsApp will take action to block your number.

5) Modifying WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s Terms and Conditions explicitly mention that any attempt to modify the application files is considered a violation that can lead to a ban. Consequently, engaging in activities such as customizing files, re-engineering, altering file contents, or attempting to decompile or extract code may result in your WhatsApp number being blocked.

6) Sending messages through bulk messaging or outside your contacts list

Getting banned from WhatsApp is a possibility if you try to send a high volume of messages through bulk messaging, auto-messaging, or auto-dialing. The same consequences apply if you attempt to send an extensive number of messages to individuals outside your contacts list, as highlighted in point 3.

7) Hacking WhatsApp servers or disrupting WhatsApp services

Attempting to hack WhatsApp servers and disrupt their services is a clear violation that will result in an immediate ban.

8) Inappropriate conduct

WhatsApp prioritizes user safety and aims to enhance the overall user experience. Consequently, it treats reports of harassment seriously. Engaging in violent behaviors, issuing death threats, making ethnic or racist comments, or any other forms of inappropriate behavior can lead to your WhatsApp number being blocked. Similarly, the use of illegal, obscene, or sexist language is strictly prohibited.

Therefore, involvement in inappropriate or antisocial conduct, especially if reported, may result in a ban from WhatsApp. This policy also extends to promoting violent crimes or activities.

9) Impersonating other users or creating fake accounts

WhatsApp implements strict measures to prevent user impersonation. Therefore, creating fake accounts or impersonating other users can lead to the banning of your WhatsApp number. It is essential to avoid using someone else’s name or pictures on your profile to adhere to WhatsApp’s policies.

10) Having your groups mass reported

Similar to reason 2, if your groups are flagged by a large number of users, WhatsApp will ban your number.

11) Creating groups and adding random people

Even though WhatsApp doesn’t have a limit in the number of groups you can create, creating too many groups and adding random people can create problems. if you create too many groups and add people that don’t have you as contact might get your WhatsApp number blocked.

12) Sending the same message to many people

Similar to point 6, sending the same message to many people can get your number banned. WhatsApp may consider it spam and block you. Note that this applies even if you send the message to your contacts.

To avoid getting your WhatsApp number banned, to send a message to many contacts, you can use the Broadcast feature.

13) Joining many groups in a short time

Participating in an excessive number of groups within a brief timeframe could pose problems, as WhatsApp may perceive such activity as automated behavior, potentially resulting in the blocking of your number.

14) Repeated infringement of WhatsApp terms and conditions

Repeatedly violating WhatsApp’s terms and conditions can lead to a ban from their service. If you’ve received notifications about infringing activities, exercise caution, as another violation could result in the blocking of your WhatsApp number.

What can you do if WhatsApp blocked your number?

If you’ve identified the reason for your temporary ban on WhatsApp, you can take steps to regain access to your account. This is particularly applicable if you’ve been temporarily banned, often occurring due to the use of a modified application or involvement in cases related to sending bulk messages.

The simplest approach is to uninstall the modified application and reinstall the official version of WhatsApp. You can export your chat history and files from these modified apps without any concerns.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the support team to seek unbanning. Clearly explain your situation to them, and you may receive a resolution to unblock your WhatsApp number within a few hours. You can contact the WhatsApp support team using this link.

What can you do if WhatsApp banned you permanently?

Typically, if WhatsApp temporarily blocks you, they indicate that it’s not permanent and provide an option to contact the support team. However, repeated violations of WhatsApp’s terms and conditions may lead to a permanent ban. Regrettably, overturning a permanent ban is challenging unless you can demonstrate your innocence to the WhatsApp support team. While there have been cases of mistaken bans, in most instances, it’s irreversible.

In such a scenario, the only viable solution is to change your WhatsApp number.

Some apps promise to get my WhatsApp number unbanned. Should I use them?

Avoid using any apps or services that claim to unblock your number after a permanent ban. Most of these applications contain malware and are ineffective. WhatsApp is the only service that has the capability to unblock your number. Therefore, if WhatsApp is unwilling to lift the ban on your number, relying on dubious apps won’t provide a solution.

How to transfer your chat history from a mod to WhatsApp?

Ultimately, if WhatsApp has banned your number due to the use of a modified app, you can preserve your chat history and files before transitioning to the official app.

Certain mods, such as WhatsApp Plus, automatically transfer your chat history to the official WhatsApp. However, others like GB WhatsApp may not do so. Here, we’ll guide you on how to accomplish this.

Before initiating the process, make sure to save and export your chat history from the mods.

To transfer your chat history from GB WhatsApp to the official WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. In GB WhatsApp, navigate to More options > Chats > Back up chats (if not done before).
  2. Access Phone Settings > Storage > Files. Choose the GB WhatsApp folder.
  3. Click More > Rename and rename the folder to “WhatsApp.”
  4. Download the official WhatsApp app from the Play Store and verify your number.
  5. On the Backup screen, select Restore > Next.

By following these steps, your WhatsApp should load with the transferred chat history.


In conclusion, we trust that this information has shed light on the reasons behind your WhatsApp number being blocked. If you are interested in delving deeper into the terms and conditions governing the use of this app, this serves as a good starting point.

If you find yourself banned from WhatsApp, ensure that you are not in violation of any of their terms and conditions, as mentioned earlier, and reach out to the WhatsApp support team. When contacting WhatsApp, make sure your message is directed to support@whatsapp.com and not smb@support.whatsapp.com.

Remember that WhatsApp is the sole service that can unblock your number, so refrain from using any apps or services promising to lift the ban.

Given WhatsApp’s extensive user base, it can significantly benefit your business if used strategically. You can integrate it into your online services, extending beyond merely selling products or communicating with clients. Additionally, consider adding a convenient WhatsApp button to your WordPress website to seamlessly connect with your WhatsApp services. This allows you to offer various WhatsApp chatting services for your store and provides a direct messaging option for your contacts.

For more insights into maximizing WhatsApp and similar chat services for your online business and lead generation, stay tuned to our blogs!



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